Adventist Forum - Mission

It’s the toughest assignment in the Bible, and yet its status as the New Commandment given by Jesus means it is one that we dare not shirk. How do we go about loving one another?

We begin by talking to each other. It is through significant conversation that we build friendships and a sense of belonging within a community.

Adventist Forum is a lay organization with a mission, a vision, and a publication.


We create community through conversation. Every Adventist Forum is a circle of friends who embrace the adventure of truth.


We will be Adventism's leading champion of serious Christian conversation. Affiliated discussion circles, and Spectrum subscribers, will grow in number every year.


A journal established to encourage Seventh-day Adventist participation in the discussion of contemporary issues from a Christian viewpoint, to look without prejudice at all sides of a subject, to evaluate the merits of diverse views, and to foster Christian intellectual growth.

In addition, the Adventist Forum hosts a website, sponsors an annual meeting, and forms a confederation of local chapters to strengthen conversation.

Our efforts are supported by our members, donors, and friends. The need for love within the Adventist community has never been greater. We invite your participation by becoming involved as a member of AF.