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We are all on the hook for the present crisis. We have given our leaders the wrong marching orders.

In the range of emotions that we experience, disappointment falls somewhere between sorrow and resentment. It does not cut as deeply as sorrow nor does it fester like resentment. 

The leaves have gone now.
Only the Small-leafed Southern Maples
hold the last red.

For HMS and Mabel

When in 2013 Gerry Chudleigh published his book, Who Runs the Church? it was a question only relatively few were asking. Today, just five years later, it’s on the minds of many — just exactly who does run the church? Where exactly does true church authority lie? Is it top-down or bottom-up? Who has the ultimate say — is it the president or the membership? And exactly how should this actually work?

Please enjoy Chapter 10 from Bill Johnsson's latest book, courtesy of the publisher.

It takes humility to admit that we are wrong; it takes perception to see it. To perceive is to see our situation with new eyes: that we may be right in our results, but wrong in how we got them; that we may have magnified the incidentals and overlooked the essentials; that we may have gotten some of it right — but there’s so much more to discover.

a word to my former students who became friends, now attending Annual Council as union presidents and secretaries

Recalibration grounded in Jesus means we live with hope from the Holy Spirit, that the Searcher of Hearts knows us. That the Holy Spirit will call us to a better place every day. Do we embrace forgiveness, reconciliation and trust? Are we able to move to the space that God has called us and follow at any price?

There are days when we put on the brave face and speak of faith to others and pray that they don’t see the desperation in our eyes. Doubt and faith journey together; when one falls behind the other pauses to wait patiently.