Barry Casey

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Barry Casey taught religion, philosophy, ethics, and communications for 37 years at universities in Maryland and Washington, DC. He is now retired and writing in Burtonsville, Maryland. More of the author’s writing can be found on his blog, Dante’s Woods. Email him at

  • 05/21/2019

    For a good stretch of my younger reading life I was immersed in science fiction. It offered worlds that could only be imagined, thankfully, since most of them were ramped-up versions of this one,...

  • 05/14/2019

    But it is in Paul’s letters — all of them written in a fairly short span between the middle fifties and sixties before his execution in CE 64 — that we get a sense of a biblical author in some...

  • 05/07/2019

    Patience, from the Latin verb pati, means “to allow, to suffer,” in the sense of endurance. To be patient with someone is to allow for their slowness, their fumbling, perhaps also their irritating...

  • 04/30/2019

    Growing up means understanding that the world does not conform to our wishes. Becoming mature means we don’t hold that against the world.