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Article Saving ADRA Bonnie Dwyer 04/15/2012
Article Sabbath Sermon: Jesus Saves—Chris Oberg Alexander Carpenter 04/14/2012
Article “Gente común extraordinaria” Benjamin Baker 04/13/2012
Article Blue Like Jazz: The Movie Nathan Brown 04/13/2012
Article Justin Kim, Congressional Candidate, Speaks with Spectrum Alexander Carpenter 04/12/2012
Article La salud viene de los Judíos Herold Weiss 04/12/2012
Article Salvation is from the Jews Herold Weiss 04/12/2012
Article A Bend Toward Justice in the Trayvon Martin Story Jason Hines 04/11/2012
Article Resurrection: On Mission and Chavez Geoffrey Nelson-Blake 04/10/2012
Article If He Is King, Where Is His Army? Charles Scriven 04/09/2012
Article Michigan Conference Responds to Story About Their Disinvitation of the LSU Choir Alexander Carpenter 04/09/2012
Article Extraordinary Ordinaries Benjamin Baker 04/09/2012
Article Seven Stanzas at Easter John Updike 04/07/2012
Article “El que es discipulado, es un discipulador” Gifford Rhamie 04/07/2012
Article Weeping with Jephthah’s Daughter Kendra Haloviak Valentine 04/06/2012
Article The Discipled A Discipler Gifford Rhamie 04/05/2012
Article Trayvon Martin and the Adventist Imperative Keith Burton 04/05/2012
Article Announcement of Women's Ordination Brings Tears, Cheers Jared Wright 04/04/2012
Article Do You Trust the Story? A Weekend with Leonard Sweet André Reis 04/04/2012
Article Arranca la XIX Asamblea de la Unión Española Ruben Sanchez 04/03/2012
Article The Veteran Nathan Brown 04/02/2012
Article Sabbath Sermon: Jesus in 1888—Sam Leonor Alexander Carpenter 03/30/2012
Article Southern Union Looks to the General Conference on Women’s Ordination Bonnie Dwyer 03/30/2012
Article A Miracle Trumps a Deep Sadness Charles Scriven 03/29/2012
Article Pensar la fe (5): Edmund Husserl (1859-1938) José A. Martín 03/29/2012
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