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Volume 45, Issue 1, Spring 2017

2 Rising Above a Culture of Lies | BY BONNIE DWYER
3 The Maestro: A Singular Life | BY CHARLES SCRIVEN
5 From Unity to Poetry The Bible Story
12 How to Tell the Bible and its Fundamental Beliefs as One Powerful Story | BY JAN BARNA
Celebrating Excellence in Adventism
22 Who was Charles E. Weniger? | BY ERIC ANDERSON
24 Adventist Hall of Fame: Charles Elliott Weniger Society for Excellence Medallion Recipients
26 Luther and Romans: Five Hundred Years Later | BY SIGVE TONSTAD
Adventists and the LGBT Community
37 The Ties that Bind? Exploring the Impact of SDA Family Response to LGBT+ Children | BY CURTIS VANDERWAAL, DAVID SEDLACEK, NANCY CARBONELL, AND SHANNON TRECARTIN
42 From SGA to Outspoken: Documenting LGBT Adventist Stories | BY JARED WRIGHT
45 The Message Behind the New Film from Coming Out Ministries | BY ALITA BYRD
48 Love, Sex, Orientation, and Companionship: A Review of Journey Interrupted | BY TODD LEONARD
Untold Stories in Adventist History
53 Protest and Progress: Untold Stories in Adventist History | BY CALVIN B. ROCK
Modern Faithful Adventist | BY RAY MCALLISTER

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