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Revival and Reformation: Love

The grand climax is almost upon them and they have not even a clue.  It is Thursday evening, Jesus and his 12 disciples are in the upper room partaking of the mysteries of the Passover meal.  It has been an unusual day in an extraordinary week. Jesus, in a small miracle that had almost become commonplace, makes arrangements for them to eat this meal in a new, private place. No one wants to lower themselves to wash the feet of their fellow disciples or even Jesus, so Jesus takes up the towel and basin. Peter refuses to have his feet washed until Jesus challenges his humility.

Revival and Reformation - Hope for the Future

Since the theme of Revival and Reformation surfaced last year during the General Conference Session there seem to be three major reactions: those who are total skeptics, those who have embraced it, and the biggest camp of all, those who don’t care.

Questions for Ted Wilson


A few weeks ago I submitted an article, “No Recourse for the Laity," which was inspired by a post-Thanksgiving Dinner conversation with friends. In that same conversation I was asked what I would say to Ted Wilson if I had the chance to meet with him. I have spent considerable time pondering this question. The question really needed to be extended to, “What would I ask him and what would I say to him?” Here are my thoughts.

First, the questions:

Why is Perfection Theology So Destructive?

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While recently reading Ellen White's Thoughts From the Mount of Blessings, I came across this remarkable series of statements: "Not by painful struggles or wearisome toil, not by gift or sacrifice is righteousness obtained but it is freely given to every soul who hungers and thirsts to receive it" (18). Ellen White wrote this in the context of Jesus’ declaration, "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled." Matt 5: 6 (NIV). She goes on to say that no human can supply the hunger and thirst of the soul. .

On Reformation: No Recourse for the Laity

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After Thanksgiving dinner, I sat with a number of church friends discussing the state of our local churches and the state of the denomination. As is frequently the case, we easily drifted into a discussion of what is wrong with our church.

Adventism for the Postmodern Generation

Adventism is a unique collection of beliefs and practices--many of which fit well with those who have grown up aware of our postmodern condition. If we are willing to view Adventism with postmodern eyes, we could see a way to transform our world along the pattern of Jesus.


Revival and Reformation: Will it make a difference?


On October 11, 2010, the General Conference Executive Committee voted a document titled “An Urgent Appeal for Revival, Reformation, Discipleship and Evangelism."

Why I Am a Pro-Gay Seventh-day Adventist


A talented musician, Tyler Clementi (pictured) was an eighteen-year-old freshman at Rutgers University.

I Wish It Were True


I recently had lunch with Rich Hannon, who is a member of the Adventist Forum board and frequent contributor to Spectrum online.

No Wonder They Are Glad They Left


Recently I was talking to a former foster son who is a young adult now. At one time, this young man was deeply committed to Adventism, even aspiring to the ministry.