Ray Dabrowski

Putting a Smile on Human Dignity

The stamina, and a victorious resolve of the people of Egypt brings back memories. For some of us, who experienced the 1980 Solidarity protests, and the ultimate collapse of the regime in Poland, smiles and tears painted our faces when the announcement was made that the Egypt's strongman, Hosni Mubarak, has stepped down. The message, the sounds and the images coming from Cairo, as then they did from Gdansk, meant simply - a victory for human freedom, rights and dignity.

Honest, Authentic Encounters: Enriching Our Stories - IV

Our vacation in Poland was laced with encounters that warmed up the November aura, and included a few Golden Autumn moments with still plenty of color and fragrance. In Part Four, and final one of the series, a few musings about a TV producer and journalist, Dorota Jaslowska, and Jarek Wajk, a singer, lyricist/composer.

Honest, Authentic Encounters: Enriching Our Stories - III

It was on November 5 when Grazyna and I met with Dr. Marek Wronski. He and I were waiting at the entrance to a shopping mall, and only connected after considering that waiting at an entrance may mean a few yards difference – inside the mall, or outside. For the third installment in this series, I share a fascinating meeting with a medical doctor, journalist and a defender of Poland’s academic ethics, Dr. Marek Wronski.

Honest, Authentic Encounters: Enriching Our Stories - II

Among all of the fascinations of our vacation in the late October and early November was meeting old friends and getting to meet new people. Here is about meeting a painter, Joanna Majchrowska, and a journalist, Jan Kot.

Honest, Authentic Encounters: Enriching Our Stories - I

Someone said: Don’t call it a vacation if you are just visiting with relatives. She is right. I don’t call it that. Vacation is period of planned escapes and unplanned encounters when you leave your own home and do something other than the obvious routine of everdayness. Such was Grazyna’s and my three weeks in Poland and Germany, desiring to visit with our parents, siblings and other relatives, but to also become. . .tourists. Among the fascinations of our sojourn in the late part of October and early November was meeting old friends and adding encounters with new people.

Respecting the Religion of Your Brother

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It really did not matter which one of the muezzins woke me up.