Rachel Davies

Reading the Classics: Teresa of Avila’s "Interior Castle"

Although union with God has been the major project of most Christian mystics through the ages, no two mystics have ever shared identical views about what “union” means, what it looks like, or how it is achieved. As instigator of the sixteenth-century reform of the Carmelite monastic order, Teresa of Avila articulated her understanding of mystical union for the benefit of her cloistered sisters in several written volumes, but most notably in The Interior Castle, her mature work.

A Pilgrimage of Trust: New Years with Taizé


Nestled in the gold and mist of the Burgundian countryside in southeast France sits the idyllic little village of Taizé, where over one hundred vowed religious brothers from various nations and denominations live together as a sign of Christian reconciliation in the heart of the World Church.

New Ellen White Scholar Shares His Findings

Rachel Davies: You completed your dissertation this year at the University of Helsinki on the spirituality of Ellen White. Since spirituality is a relatively new field of study, what drew you to it? What was your university's response to your research on Ellen White?

Kirsten Wolcott, Missionary to Yap


In November 2009, Southern Adventist University student Kirsten Wolcott was tragically murdered while serving as a student missionary on the island of Yap. Fellow Southern student Rainey H. Park, together with Andy Nash, published Kirsten's story in the book Love, Kirsten (Pacific Press, 2010).

Graham Maxwell, Friend of God

Graham Maxwell.jpg

You may call me impertinent, but I was never able to call him “Dr. Maxwell.” It seemed too impersonal.

AIDS and Agriculture


In Kenya, one Adventist entrepreneur is helping victims of HIV/AIDS and other rural villagers to stand on their own two feet. Spectrum asked Common Ground Project and Pathfinder Academy founder Joshua Machinga how lives are being changed through innovative farming techniques.

RD: What is “Common Ground” and how did it begin? What kinds of people do you serve and how is the organization staffed?

Confessions of a Social Justice Pastor

Hollywood Adventist Church in Hollywood, California has been named "Innovative Church of the Year" by the Church Resource Center of the North American Division.

Prophetic Workshop: Christian Music and the Heart of God


Two weeks ago I attended an event that looked very colorful in my datebook.

Doubting Like Children


I first heard of Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face about ten years ago. Mother Teresa of Calcutta had been my hero since I was just a girl, so when I learned that Therese was Teresa’s patron saint, I loved her. She immediately became significant on my horizon.

iFollow: The NAD's New Discipleship Resource


The North American Division's long-awaited interactive discipleship resource, iFollow, has finally been launched. Spectrum asked iFollow's General Editor Monte Sahlin how the resource works and why it was created.

RD: What is iFollow?