Loren Seibold

Kohlberg, Revisited


I have always known that there are different kinds of Seventh-day Adventists, but nothing has brought that home like the discussions on this forum. Given all that we have in common with one another (more commonalities than differences, I’m quite sure) why do we so quickly fall into conflict?

Is it just about how we interpret the Bible? Mere intellectual differences would seem fairly easy to deal with, not unlike scientists discussing the meaning of a difficult gene sequence. Even if we couldn’t agree, it shouldn’t have to lead to angry, emotional accusations.

In Search of the Sinless


The most perfect man — by his own admission—I’ve ever known was a member of a church I pastored some years ago. He told me several times that he had moved beyond sin: he lived a perfect, sin-free life.

Where Few Are Gathered


For the past 12 years I’ve been pastor of a vibrant church in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. During my time there we doubled our attendance, spawned a new 200-soul congregation, built a new church and school, and doubled our tithe and offerings [1].

Recently I shifted into a job with the conference office, and like others there I began preaching each weekend in churches around the conference. Here in Ohio about 85% of our churches are below 100 in attendance on an average Sabbath, and half of those 30 or below.

Such a Petty God


Over a year ago I wrote in these pages about Ernie Knoll, a California Adventist who’d had a short run as a prophet to the remnant before he was unmasked.

How Much Do We Still Care About Church-State Separation?


Elections have become increasingly unpleasant in the last decade and a half. I’ve found myself in the past six months, as the campaigns heated up, not wanting to listen to the news.

Brutal Hearts


In 1922, as the Irish Civil War raged outside, William Butler Yeats was trapped with his wife and daughter in Thoor Ballylee, his County Galway farmhouse built out of a small castle tower.

Peering Into Orion


Recently I ran across a story that contained the headline, “Hole in Space”. It’s about the Herschel telescope’s discovery of a massive expanse in a nebula that appears to be empty of matter — the result, they surmise, of a young star spewing jets of gas that clear everything away.

The headline caught my eye because of a story it brought to mind from my childhood.

Conference on Innovation Returns

Raj Attiken.png

For the sixth consecutive year, Columbus, Ohio will be the site of the National Innovation Conference (IC), a joint venture of the Ohio Conference, Columbia Union Conference, North American Division Church Resource Center, Kettering Health Network, Washington Adventist University, AdventSource, Center for Creative Ministry, and others.

The Disappearing Center


It isn’t that no one wants to occupy the center; it is that you cannot occupy it. Choose, or it will be chosen for you.

Those Cursed Women


Another General Conference session has passed, and again our leadership has declined to take action extending ordination to female clergy.