Bonnie Dwyer

An Open Letter to All

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The painful personal, but public, conversation that began with Cliff’s comments about Spectrum, and continued with Jim’s response this past weekend elicited quite a heated conversation on this website.

Both of you, I am sure, felt convicted that you were right about the comments that you made. You both are excellent writers, so it is understandable that you put your thoughts into words and shared them.

Newbold College in Sudden Leadership Transition

Jane Sabes, principal of Newbold College, tendered her resignation to the College's Board of Governors on Sunday, Nov. 14.

"No gains in enrollment for this new academic year, budgetary overruns and now a crisis of confidence in the Principal," she stated. "I feel these factors make it necessary to tender my resignation, effective Dec. 31."

After Annual Council

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Turn your eyes upon Jesus,
Look full in His wonderful face,
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim,

The Business of Revival: A Report from Annual Council

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There was no tent for this revival meeting. Officially called Annual Council, it took place at the world headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Of Conversation, Blogs, and Changing the World


Theodore Zeldin’s little book “Conversation: How Talk Can Change Our Lives” starts out with an exciting statement. “I believe the twenty-first century needs a new ambition, to develop not talk but conversation, which does change people. Real conversation catches fire. It involves more than sending and receiving information.”

Could Dan Jackson Be North America’s Education President?

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At his first press conference following his election as President of the Adventist Church in North America, Dan Jackson began by talking about education. "We have to be very intentional about education," he said. "We need to embrace our schools."

Ella Simmons Named Woman of the Year

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Ella Simmons walked off the stage in the Georgia Dome after being re-elected vice president of the General Conference and into a reception of the Association of Adventist Women. There she was greeted with a standing ovation and an award as the Woman of the Year.

She arrived late to the reception, because of the election, so she was the one to share the news of her re-election with the crowd. “President Wilson made it clear that he wanted me on his team,” she said after acknowledging that she had not been sure of being returned to her historic post.

Jan Paulsen’s Valedictory Vision

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For his presidential report to the General Conference delegates on Thursday Jan Paulsen avoided the numbers that often dominate such presentations. Those will come to you from the Divisions, he said.

Who's Not Welcome at the General Conference Session?


“Big Tent Adventism” describes what Adventist Forum dreams for Adventism—an open church where all members are welcome. So it is the concept around which the Spectrum booth is planned for the General Conference Exhibit Hall.