Bjorn Karlman

Yes He (Still) Can: Obama got his mojo back through health care

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It’s time for the detractors and tea partiers and general naysayers to take a deep breath, pack up their signs and book their one-ways home.

Art, Allah, and Cultural Naiveté


Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks was back in the news this week after it had been discovered that seven arrests had been made in Ireland due to a plot to kill him. In 2007, Vilks’ work depicting the Prophet Muhamed with the body of a dog was published in the Swedish Nerikes Allehanda newspaper.

Virginity 2.0 – Post Cherry-Pop Purity


Equally a source of bellyache laughter, fascination, and sincere belief, the brand of premarital sexual purity hawked by evangelicals has made headlines for decades. Everyone from Justin Timberlake-era Britney Spears with her purported virginity to right-wing Christian writers like I Kissed Dating Goodbye Joshua Harris, cashed in on pooh-poohing pre-knot-tying nookie. But what were you supposed to do if you weren’t married but had already gotten laid? Just how screwed were you?

Hollywood's White Savior Complex


In his “The Progressive Corner’s Blog” African American History Professor Ibram H. Rogers blasts the new Hollywood release The Blind Side – a true story of Michael Oher, a homeless African-American who is taken in by a well-to-do white family that helps him fulfill his potential: “the plot is old, just like many of the other White Savior Flicks.