Benjamin Baker

How Oakwood Became the Mecca of Black Adventism II

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Preaching has always been an integral part of the Oakwood experience.  At almost every major Oakwood event, preaching is involved.  Moreover, a very high percentage of black Seventh-day Adventist pastors are educated at Oakwood, and they are, it may be said, the face of black Adventism.

How Oakwood Became the Mecca of Black Adventism

When this light was given me, I had never seen Huntsville.  I was shown that Huntsville would be a place of special interest to those who would act their part to help the colored people. -Ellen G. White

Ted Wilson and Africa

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Like many General Conference presidents before him including Ole Olsen, William Spicer, William Branson, Robert Pierson, and his father Neal Wilson, Ted Wilson was molded by ministerial tenure in Africa.