Alexander Carpenter

60 Minutes: Terrible times for Christians in Iraq

A Baghdad clergyman estimates that 90 percent of Iraq's Christians, once thought to number over a million, have either fled or have been murdered by Islamic extremists.

Searching for a veggie marshmellow

For those who care, most marshmellows contain animal products and this CNBC story highlights a Loma Linda University researcher who is on the case. . .

World AIDS Day

There are about 33.2 million people in the world currently infected with HIV, and 2007 saw 2.5 million new infections.

Spectrum Blog Liturgy: The shopocalypse is nigh

Happy Sabbath! Welcome to the Spectrum Blog Liturgy, something I created as an excuse to combine some good music with Adventism's ultimate concerns. If you do stay for the service below, feel free to drop a comment about your week and what's on your mind.

The beginning of Advent. The service today centers on the the apocalypse and how humanity confronts our always, already present end.

Opening Prayer
Michael Franti and Spearhead: Time To Go Home

Witnessing green churches

We need more of this in our church communities.

The Spectrum Blog rises again


Greetings all:

I've been away on a bloggin' vacation due to the holiday break and traveling down to San Diego for the Adventist Society for Religious Studies meetings. Plus, sometimes it just feels really good to leave my computer off.

Blogging killed the TV star

This video was the first video shown on MTV when it launched.