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Capitalism Goes Mother Theresa?

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As corporate social responsibility becomes a selling point for image-conscious multinationals, social entrepreneurship is on the rise on university campuses.

SONscreen 2008: Report on the Adventist Film Festival

The Sonscreen film festival turned six this year, with the three-day festival opening on Thursday, April 10 and closing with an awards ceremony on Saturday, April 12. From around the country, students traveled to Sonscreen's host location: the Adventist Media Productions Studio in Simi Valley, California. A number of Adventist Universities such as Southern Adventist University (SAU), Southwestern Adventist University (SWAU), and Pacific Union College (PUC) were represented at the event.

LSU Student Teach-ins


“When one in five Americans say the sun revolves around the earth, theres something wrong,” says Michael Tyler. On a Powerpoint slide the words “American stupidity” appear in bright red letters. A series of Michael Moore ambush-interview style video clips appear on the jumbotrons exposing grown Americans as they incorrectly fumble through the simplest of questions on civics and geography.

Holy Spirit Car Wash


On first thought, the idea of a “Holy Spirit Car-wash” may have a crude and unsettling aftertaste to it. But could this concept actually generate an open and receptive audience at La Sierra University or would it be dismissed as a distasteful manifestation of drive-through culture mentality gone overboard?

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